What are different kinds of dementia?

What are the different kinds of dementia? Why might a person develop the condition? Here we take a look at some of the most common forms of dementia.

Take a look at a few of the different kinds of dementia

What Are The Different kinds of Dementia?

Some forms of dementia can be reversed such as head injuries that either recover naturally or are treated with medication.

Other types of dementia cannot be treated and are classed as progressive dementias (where there is no cure and the person worsens with time). These conditions are caused by having a disease that affects how the brain functions.

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6 Ways to Help Improve Your Memory.

Playing games can help improve your memory

Playing games is one way to help improve your memory

How can you help improve your memory as you get older?

Our memory is one of the most important things we posses and need to be able to use if we are going to lead a full and healthy life.

It is thought that we can help fight off memory loss as get older if we stimulate our minds as often as we can.

There is much research around the world that suggests stimulating our memory on a regular basis could help fight off dementia as we get older.

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Ways to Help Find a Person When They Go Missing

Help find a person missing with dementia if they wander

Help Find a Person Missing with Dementia if They Wander

Help find a person missing with dementia if they have a tendency to wander.

If you are caring for a person with dementia one of the constant worries is if the person gets lost.

It can be very difficult for you if you have to constantly watch the person because they have a tendency to wander off.

One recent case of a person with dementia wandering away from their carer resulted in a major sea rescue operation when a passer-by wrongly suggested that the sufferer had entered the sea.

To make matters worse, the people were on holiday in Spain at the time. Thankfully the person was found in local shops but it highlighted how distressing it can be if a person you are caring for has dementia and wanders away from you. » Read more

Facebook good for memory loss?

Is Facebook good for the brain?A study suggests that Facebook can be good for fighting memory loss

Facebook good for the brain keeping the mind active

Facebook good for the brain? A new study suggests it might.

Elderly people might stave off memory loss by using  Facebook, the new study suggests. So is Facebook good for the brain?

The social networking site is just what the doctor ordered says the study. It is ideal for older people who are like-minded and can find enjoyment in photo sharing. Discussions about such topics as family life. Health. Retirement, nutrition and fitness.

It has long been reported that sites like Facebook can actually reduce stress, anxiety and depression but now researchers have added brain flexibility to the list.

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