Musical Activities for Older People

Silver Song Clubs help with musical activities for the elderly

Musical activities such as singing are great

Started in 2005, Sing For Your Life is a registered charity that supports musical activities for older people through singing.

They provide regular sessions of music making through their Silver Song Clubs through out day centre’s in the UK.

We all know that singing a song can be a great way to bring people together as well as providing a fun and exciting way to help people with mental conditions such as dementia.

The benefits of song and movement for the elderly can be huge with research seeming to suggest that singing can promote memory stimulation, physical co-ordination, helps combat loneliness, isolation and depression.

It is also suggested that singing a song can also contribute towards people needing fewer visits to their GP and fewer prescriptions.
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Interactive Comedy for Older People

Laughing at something funny with comedy for older people

Comedy for older people

Silver Comedy has been set up to provide a safe and welcoming environment to give older people a place to have a laugh.

Care groups including day centres, supported housing and care homes have a chance to have fun and share a laugh amongst the staff and group members with comedy for older people.

They believe that we all can enrich our lives if we just have a little bit of fun along the way. » Read more