Test Your Brain By Playing Games With This Free App

Help a study into memory problems by playing this free brain test app game

Brain test app. Help a study into memory problems

As part of the “Brain Awareness Week ” a new brain test app has been developed to help Neuroscientists. The information collected will help University College London to better understand how the brain works.

The unique scientific experiment is being used by allowing people to play games on their mobile device. The games test your memory, your impulsiveness, your attention and decision-making.

It’s simple to get involved if you have a mobile device, tablet or computer. Play by downloading the free brain test app then playing at your own pace. » Read more

Do at Home Dementia Test

A pen and paper can be used to carry out a simple do at home dementia test

A simple do at home dementia test for detecting early signs of dementia

If you suspect a relative or friend is suffering from memory loss that cannot be explained and they are reluctant to go to their doctors for a check up you may want to try to encourage them to take a simple do at home dementia test.

Simple clock drawing tests and word association tests can be used to show an individual that they have a problem with their memory and encourage them to go to see their GP for further investigation.

It is crucial that the symptoms of memory loss are diagnosed as early as possible to get the best treatment possible. A do at home dementia test can help a person come to terms with the fact that they may be suffering from memory loss. » Read more

Meryl Streep Wins Bafta for Playing Margaret Thatcher

Meryl Streep wins Bafta award for playing Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher film. The Iron Lady wins Bafta

Margaret Thatcher, you either love her or hate her. She was one of the UK’s most controversial Prime Ministers (1979-1990) and the film portraying her life as the iron lady, has won Meryl Streep a Bafta Award for Best actress at the 2012 Bafta Awards.

The British awards ceremony was dominated by the film “The Artist” which won 7 awards. » Read more