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Dementia. Help, support, and informatin on dementia.We are here to try to bring together as much information as we can about dementia.

You can find lots of information on some of the many support groups and organisations throughout the UK that help support individuals and families living with dementia.

We have a dementia blog where we try to provide as much information on dementia as we can. We have also included many videos on living with dementia and some of the ways you can find helpful products and services. We would love you to contribute to the dementia blog. Just let us know who you are and what service or product you provide and where in the UK you are. You can also view many of our product reviews. Such as helpful bed and floor alarm mats or simple wall and bedside clocks and puzzles.

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What are different kinds of dementia?

Take a look at a few of the different types of dementia

Look at The Different Types of Dementia

There are many different kinds of dementia with many reasons why a person may develop the forgetfulness that is associated with the condition. Here we take a look some of them.

Some forms of dementia can be reversed such as head injuries that either recover naturally or are treated with medication.

Other types of dementia cannot be treated and are classed as progressive dementias (where there is no cure and the person worsens with time). These form of dementia are caused by having a disease that affects how the brain functions.

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The Truth About Dementia. BBC 1 With Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon investegates dementia on the BBC 1 programme

BBC 1 programme with Angela Rippon. Truth About dementia

Did you watch the BBC 1 programme last night on the truth about dementia? Well I did and found it a very interesting look at dementia in today’s society.

The BBC programme was hosted by the delightful Angela Rippon. You may remember her from some of the many programmes she has made over the years but you will more than likely remember her from when she was a BBC news presenter. » Read more

Review of the best-selling Clocks for People with Dementia.

Large display clocks for dementia sufferers. Ideal for care homes and dementia daycare centresWe review some of the many types of clocks for people with dementia you can buy. They will help tell the time easier and in a more simple way than the standard type and design of clocks.

These clocks are also ideal for the elderly and people who are partially sighted or anybody who just want a big clock with a big simple display.

You can find many of the clocks for sale with up to 50% discounted R.R.P prices. Many also have free delivery throughout the UK. » Read more

7 risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease

Risk factors for Alzheimer's disease

7 risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease

New research carried out by the University of Cambridge has revealed the seven most risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease.

With the research suggesting that up to one-in-three cases could be prevented if people led different lifestyles.

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s at the moment we can cut down our risk by trying to lead healthier lifestyles.

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